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Find the most innovative artists and make a statement through unique contemporary art jewelry.
Important measurements? The size of your personality!

Whether you decide to commission or buy curated jewels, wearing and collecting jewels by Tamagit’s artists will certainly be a transformative and empowering experience.

Are you a #celeBRAINity?

“As a Brazilian born international architect, art lover and fashion curator of Fisheyes, for me wearing Tamagit’s unique jewelry pieces is the ultimate luxury.”

Jô Vasconcellos, architect

"Beyond their beauty, Tamagit's art jewels make me connect with the same values I apply during my daily job: ethics and sustainability."

F Xavier Sentís, people director & co-founder Pharmaethikos

“As an artist, I can feel the power and finesse of Tamagit’s art jewels as if they were elements by mother nature herself.”

Lluís Cadafalch, illustrator & visual artist

“I'm a singer, a performer and when I'm on stage I need to feel grounded, larger than life! Wearing Tamagit’s jewelry instantly makes me feel strong and empowered”

Jo Anagor, voice artist

Art jewelry to raise awareness? #artcanTbreathe

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