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Are you interested in any of the available one-of-a-kind jewels by any of our Tamagit artists? Would you like to enquire about other pieces by the artists? Just contact us at

If you would like to talk to us and see any of the jewels or objects, send a mail to to ask for an appointment at Tamagit Gallery in inspiring Alt Penedès, Barcelona. We would love to hear from you and have a nice chat while showing you our artists’ work.

Would you like to commission instead a unique and personalised piece by co-creation? Then go to our Co-creation section! start here

IMPACT! Check out our #artcanTbreathe project where jewels become powerful symbols against injustice. Rise awareness by wearing a statement jewel for a good cause!

Other pieces by Tamagit artists on sale on Art Jewelry Forum. Check it out!

Advantages of buying online
Tamagit wants to make your purchasing art jewelry experience special but also easy. The main advantages you will have if you buy art jewelry through our online gallery are:

  • Accessibility: Stunning Curated Art jewelry from/to any place in the world.
  • Prices: include VAT & shipping worldwide! So no extra cost
  • Fairness & Ethics: We love to empower artists
  • Authenticity: All pieces include a certificate of authenticity
  • Free shipping worldwide: Free shipping & easy tracking system
  • Free consultation: Free online consultation when ordering a commissioned piece
  • Free promotion: Promote your professional/artistic profile
  • Easy payment: Via paypal or bank transfer

Some of Tamagit's Sold Art Jewels

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