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Monkey Circus – Xavier Monclús

  • Name of the artist: Xavier Monclús
  • Name of the piece: Monkey Circus
  • Tamagit reference: #002
  • Edition: One-of-a-kind:
  • Series: Toys
  • Type of piece: Brooch
  • Materials used: Silver, oxidised silver, wood, laminated paper, plastic, acrylic, enamel painting
  • Dimensions (heights, width, depth):  93 X 48 X 15 mms
  • Weight: 40 grs
  • Statement: Hybrid object between a toy and architecture. It is an evocative and nostalgic image of the circus universe. Movement and nomadism of the circus are represented by the four wheels that enable the jewel to move as if it were a toy. It is a kind piece. However, it also points to certain criticism: animals are out of their natural environment to benefic human being’s interests. See the monkey’s face: scared animal; he has lost trust and confidence.


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