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Magnum, the blue ring – XAVIER MONCLUS



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  • Name of the artist: Xavier Monclús
  • Name of the piece: Magnum ring (blue)
  • Tamagit reference: #017
  • Edition: One-of-a-kind
  • Series: Magnum
  • Type of piece: Ring
  • Dimensions: 36 x 21 x 8 mms
  • Materials used: Silver, wood, acrylic painting
  • Statement:The Magnum rings clearly resonate with architecture, which is the artist’s current style. These house-rings can be seen as objects that do not necessarily need to be worn if one doesn’t want to. It’s a jewel. It’s an object. It can be worn. It can be collected.
    Their interior contains metal which is covered by small strips of wood previously cut and embedded. They have been painted in basic colours resonating the Nordic architectures, where houses are painted in vivid colours. The name of the series MAGNUM is due to the fact that the wood is obtained from MAGNUM ice cream sticks that have been collected by the artist. Some of the letters are still visible on the ring. That shows the connection with the origin and certainly enriches the piece. In the end Xavier Monclús believes that the real art is made of fragments of reality and parts of our consumer society.
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