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Nowhere in between X brooch / object- ESTELA SAEZ



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  • Name of the artist: Estela Saez
  • Name of the piece: Nowhere in between X
  • Tamagit reference: #007
  • Edition: Limited edition (2)
  • Series: Nowhere in between
  • Type of piece: Brooch
  • Materials used: Silver, oxidized silver, blue aquamarined
  • Dimensions (heights, width, depth):  4x4x4
  • Weight: 50gr silver & 10gr aquamarine
  • Statement: The trip and the nest. The movement and the root. The noise and the piece. The flexible and the rigid. The city and the desert. The north and the south. There, in that “inbetweenness” is where we find Estela Sáez. Somewhere in between, Nowhere in between
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