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Sundown I brooch / object – NASSRIN VESSALIAN



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  • Name of the artist: Nassrin Vessalian
  • Name of the piece: Sundown 1
  • Tamagit reference: #022
  • Edition: One-of-a-kind
  • Series: Sundown
  • Type of piece: Brooch
  • Dimensions: 11/3.1cm
  • Wheight: 42gr
  • Materials used: Latex, acrylic resin, plexiglas, steel wire
  • Statement:
    In the process of making, Nassrin Vessalian highly values unpredictability and endangerment. After giving herself and her materials a long time to mingle, she then finds out which material can convey which feeling, tone and expression. To make the right choice, the artist refers to the context of routine life and picks up the objects devoid of financial value challenging the luxury and vanity of the jewelry that imprisons the body.
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