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Papallona – Xavier Monclús

  • Name of the artist: Xavier Monclús
  • Name of the piece: Sa papallona petrificada
  • Tamagit reference: #001
  • Edition: One-of-a-kind:
  • Series: New Work
  • Type of piece: Brooch
  • Materials used: Silver and enamel painting
  • Dimensions (heights, width, depth):  40 X 70 X 8 mms
  • Weight: 28 grs
  • Statement: Its title, Sa Papallona Petrificada, already gives us a hint of the immediate context of the artist (Menorca). Xavier Monclús sees many of these beautiful butterflies he admires so much due to their beauty and lightness. Yellow is one of his favourite colours. The artist has the need to represent everything that moves him and the way for him to do so is to monumentalise that in form of sculpture or relief. The “embatado” technique confers an aspect of a stone block in form of sculpture. There is a contrast between something light as a butterfly and something solid, permanent and motionless.


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