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Lisa Berman, Art Advocate & “Ambassador of Wearable Art”
founder of Sculpture to Wear 
Photograph: Bonnie Schiffman, Business necklace by 2Roses
and Hinged bracelet by Statements Accessories

Patricia Curty, founder GOI Gallery of Ideas  The Speaking Place
for Creative Business Minds.
Listen to Pat here

Natalia Doroshenko Murray, Contemporary art advocate &
founder of Art_ Unlocked  and Urban Turban headwear

Jô Vasconcellos, international architect
& curator of Fisheyes Fashion Listen to her here: Ted Talk 

Pilar Mor, violinist at the symphonic Orquestra of Valencia
& young orchestras’ conductor

Freddy Gaviria, founder Where fashion meets opera
Watch this video to see some of Freddy’s creations for opera divas

Xavier Sentís, founder Pharmaethikos
Ethical & responsible leadership in pharma

Carlos Girón, researcher in Ethics and Corporeal Philosophy.
He collaborates with Centro de Investigaciones Filosóficas Eugenio Trías.
Personal web

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