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The Magic Mountain By Lluís Comín On Art Jewelry Forum

The Magic Mountain by Lluís Comín on Art Jewelry Forum

When hiking, Lluís Comín loves to experience the cycles of nature. The snow’s deep silence, the intense blue sky, or the raging stormy wind seem to make evident the existence of gods, and provoke one to come back again and again to this sacred temple where friendship becomes a kind of religion. Mountains are the place where senses and emotions become sharper, where a parenthesis of memories opens, where time is relative and freedom absolute. In his monumental novel, The Magic Mountain, Thomas Mann knew how to express this emotion of living in a parallel reality.

On Offer on Art Jewelry Forum

Artist: Lluís Comín
Gallery: Tamagit
Contact: Marta Tamagit
Retail: €1,250

On Offer on Art Jewelry Forum

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